Jason & Amy Grace are two you see and hear around here at Faith because of their love for God and our church family. They are very visible and vocal  ☺  both are serving on the Deacon Team, Welcome Team and Worship Team(s) but there are a few things you probably don’t know about them that they are willing to share….

Jason is not only an incredible golfer but also an amazing tennis player too. (Amy Graces boasting of her hubby). Though he always knew he wanted to be a professional golf player he studied Environmental Studies at UCLA and is currently beginning a MBA program on-line with Mississippi State University, and if you can get him in the mood he can do a mean impression of Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas and Jim Carey.

Amy Grace our beautiful singer musician who can play piano, guitar, bass & drums only had formal training in voice and the violin. She works in the valley teaching children's dance classes with the YMCA and has a private business teaching children voice, dance, guitar, piano and, and, and.  Bitten 3 different times by a Brown Recluse spider she has more than survived but thrived, and if you can believe it she only tried her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 17!

They met….are you ready for this?  Online, both of them participating in Grant Horner’s (another member) Bible Reading System on FaceBook. They have been married since July 10th 2010 here at Faith by Pastor Steve. They have a goal to hit all the Taco Tuesday’s in Santa Clarita for fun. You can often here them call each other “shoog” short for sugar.


Their love for God and others is very apparent and if you get the chance to meet them you will never regret it.