Title Description Speakers
1 Corinthians - Humble Truths for a Proud Church Steve Jackson
1 Peter: A Living Hope in Troubled Times Steve Jackson
Amazing Grace Steve Jackson
Beautiful Feet - GO Sundays 17-18 Guest Speaker
Behold The Lamb
Bless - Intentional Gospel Living Steve Jackson
Certain Truths for Uncertain Times Greg Gifford , Ryan Wethern , Steve Jackson
Christ Is All I Need

How do you grow to maturity in Christ when you live in a world with so many distractions and allures?  Join us for our study of Colossians titled, “Christ is All I Need: The Supremacy of Jesus,” where you will learn that keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and your heart satisfied by Jesus is the key. 

Steve Jackson
Christmas Messages Steve Jackson
Courageous: Choosing Faith Over Fear Steve Jackson
Easter Messages Steve Jackson
Family Matters Greg Gifford , Steve Jackson
G.O. Sunday: Fellow Workers for the Truth Gil Medina , Guest Speaker , Joshua Smith , Matt Stromberg
General Topics

Topics of general interest.

Brian Jones , Cory Gustke , Dr. Bob Somerville , Dr. Mike Vlach , Grant Horner , Greg Gifford , Jeff Barbour , Jeff Howell , Joshua Smith , Miguel Bocanegra , Mike Forgerson , Mike Metro , Steve Jackson
Genesis 1-11: In The Beginning Greg Gifford , Steve Jackson
Global Outreach Jeremy Cook , TJ Smith
Global Outreach - Breaking Down the Barriers Alex Mandes , Miguel Bocanegra
Global Outreach: The Journey Elijah Kellogg , Gil Medina , Guest Speaker , Jeremy Cook
God Meant it for Good: The Life of Joseph Steve Jackson
Heaven Rules - The Book of Daniel

Is God really is control? Is He working in the world today? Does He have a plan for His creation? Does He truly care about us? Our study of Daniel will address these questions and many others. Come encounter the all-powerful God who holds the whole world in His hands, yet cares about you and me!

Steve Jackson