Title Description Speakers
The Book of Esther: The God of Great Reversals Steve Jackson
The Gospel: A Study of Romans

The Gospel is good news for the entire world, yet many are confused about what that message really is. Come join us as we study Paul's letter to the Romans and discover the real gospel message. There is nothing more important than getting the gospel right because it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe!

Steve Jackson
Christ Is All I Need

How do you grow to maturity in Christ when you live in a world with so many distractions and allures?  Join us for our study of Colossians titled, “Christ is All I Need: The Supremacy of Jesus,” where you will learn that keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and your heart satisfied by Jesus is the key. 

Steve Jackson
Amazing Grace Steve Jackson
General Topics

Topics of general interest.

Brian Jones , Cory Gustke , Dr. Bob Somerville , Dr. Mike Vlach , Grant Horner , Greg Gifford , Jeff Barbour , Jeff Howell , Joshua Smith , Miguel Bocanegra , Mike Forgerson , Mike Metro , Steve Jackson
Easter Messages Steve Jackson
Global Outreach: The Journey Elijah Kellogg , Gil Medina , Guest Speaker , Jeremy Cook
Heaven Rules - The Book of Daniel

Is God really is control? Is He working in the world today? Does He have a plan for His creation? Does He truly care about us? Our study of Daniel will address these questions and many others. Come encounter the all-powerful God who holds the whole world in His hands, yet cares about you and me!

Steve Jackson
I AM: Christmas 2015 Jeff Howell , Steve Jackson
Jesus a Man of Radical Compassion Steve Jackson
My Beloved: A Song of Passion and Purity

Series on Song of Solomon

Steve Jackson
Mission and Values

Join us as we discuss the values that drive us as a church to accomplish the mission God has for us.  If you are new, this series should help you understand what FCC is all about.  If you have been here for a long time, this series should help clarify our values as we present them in a new and fresh way.

Steve Jackson
More Than Words: Real Faith. Real Hope. Real Love.

Have you ever heard someone claim to be a Christian but nothing in his or her life points to such a conclusion?  In this study of 1 John we will discover that real faith is more than just words.  Join us as we examine 4 key elements that mark the genuine believer.  Let the Apostle John teach you how to have real faith, real hope, and real love.

Steve Jackson
The Book of Job: Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

Job was a good man who had really bad things happen to him.  Is there any answer to the problem of pain and suffering in this world?  How can faith survive in the midst of crisis?  Does God really care? Join us as we examine these questions through our study of the book of Job.

Steve Jackson
The Divine Pursuit Steve Jackson
The Surprising Path to Joy Steve Jackson
Vision Elder Team , Steve Jackson
Jesus on Money Steve Jackson
Summer in the Psalms Elijah Kellogg , Steve Jackson
1 Peter: A Living Hope in Troubled Times Steve Jackson