We are living in a supercharged poitical environment.  How ought we, as God's children, respond?  Join Pastor Steve, Cory Gustke, and Jeff Howell as they begin a new podcast titled, "Engaging Politically with Grace and Truth."  This podcast series will help you think about public policies and potential candidates.  It will also challenge you to think about your responsibility to love others, even those with whom you disagree. 

The first episode, taught by Pastor Steve, is now available.  We plan to release a new episode on each Monday during the month of October.  We hope and pray you will find it helpful.

Our second episode is by Cory Gustke and is titled, "Love vs. Contempt". We hope that you will listen with a careful ear, and that it will be an encouragement to you. 

Our third episode, by Jeff Howell, is title "Humility & Listening".  In this podcast Jeff shows us that believers must be cultivating and exercising humility that is willing to listen, willing to learn, and unwilling to sacrifice unity with other believers as we engage politically.

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