Purpose: Men’s Ministry exists to help men of all ages lead well and serve well for the glory of God.

The Men’s Ministry Planning Team assists the Elders in carrying out the mission of the church to make disciples & to build community.  We accomplish this through giving the Men of Faith opportunities to learn the truth of God’s Word, to engage in godly fellowship, and to serve others within our church & the community.  Our Team desires to see the Men of Faith exemplify Christ’s love in all they do.

In 2020, our ministry theme is "Self-Control," and the scriptural impetus for this focus is Prov 25:28 - "A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls." (ESV)  As we meet throughout the year, we will be studying the Word of God to better understand that self-control is a proof of salvation, as well as how to pursue it in our finances, family life, speech, and Christian liberties. 

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