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To endeavor to help the men of Faith Community Church grow into the leaders that their homes, church, nation, and world needs.

This year, we'll focus on "Transforming into Christlikeness."  Led by skilled teachers from our body, our six breakfasts will examine different aspects of this theme.  Our two-day conference in August will feature a guest speaker, who will guide us on a deeper study of how our lives can better reflect the attributes of Christ. 

Pleasure Seekers vs. Enjoying the Pleasures of God (2 Tim 3:1-4; Heb 11:24—26)

Anger/Temperamental vs. Forgiveness/Self Control/Kindness (Prov 14:17, 29; Eph 4:30—32)

Anxiety/Worry vs. Praying/Trusting God’s Sovereignty and Fatherly Care (Matt 6:25—34; Phil 4:6—9)

Bitterness/Resentment vs. Tender Mercies/Forgiveness (Heb 12:14—15; Col 3:12—15)

Blame shifting vs. Acknowledging Your Own Sin (Matt 7:1—5; Jas 4:13—17)

Critical/Faultfinding vs. Forbearance/Patience/Love (Jas 4:11—12; Col 3:12)

Doubting God/Wavering Faith vs. Believing God/Wholehearted Commitment (Rom 4:16—21; Phil 1:6; 1 Thess 5:24)

Discontent/Always Wanting More vs. Content and Grateful for God’s Provision (Mark 4:18—19; Phil 4:11—13)

Fear of Displeasing Man/ Man-pleaser vs. Fear of Displeasing God/Pleasing God (John 12: 42—43; 1 Thess 2:4-6)

Hopelessness/Self Pity vs. Hope in God/Faith (Ps 42:1—11; Heb 6:11—20)

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