Led by: Miguel Bocanegra at 9:15am in Room A8

Learning the Truth, Living the Gospel, and Loving the Family are our values as a Church. Therefore, we need to be individually connected with Christ, His Church, and others. That is a healthy, living, unified Church! Come join us, and learn how to make the right connections! ¡Todos son Bienvenidos!
"COLLEGE-AGE GROWTH GROUP" ~ Will not meet on Easter Sunday, 4/21/19

Led by: Various Teachers at 11:00 am on the Front Patio.

Are you a college-aged young adult who wants to connect with others and fill your heart & mind with God’s Word? Please join this discussion-based group and be encouraged through the Word, worship, and fellowship to live with biblical perspective and purpose. We will meet in Room A6 through Sept 2nd. 
“A JOURNEY THROUGH THE PSALMS"  ~ Will not meet on Easter Sunday, 4/21/19

Led by: Various Teachers at 9:00 a.m. in Room A6

The book of psalms is the hymnbook of the Bible. It could also be viewed as a Spirit-inspired diary of the human soul. Through psalms of wisdom, worship, and lament, we are instructed on how to rightly view God and life. This class will provide interactive expositions of a variety of psalms with an eye toward practical application. Come join us as we study precious truths that have helped those in the past regain focus & truly worship our God!