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Festividad 2020 is just around the corner! As you can imagine, much time, prayer, and discussion has gone into reimagining a Festividad that is Pandemic Proof, and once again, we need all hands on deck.

Instead of inviting local Newhall families to our church for us to bless their socks off, we're taking Festividad to them. How? We will be delivering invitations to their doorsteps, and asking them to sign up on our website. And then the fun part. Our Faith families get to "adopt" a family for Festividad. The church will provide support and items to gift each family, and each Faith family gets the joy of picking out toys specific to their adopted family. Then, the week of December 12-19, each Faith family gets to coordinate with their adopted family and pick a time to deliver Festividad straight to their doorstep. It's simple and fun, and still a way to bless our community during this difficult year.

Here's the link for signing up: https://forms.gle/iTQR6U9hwCazXhYx6. And please contact Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any extra questions. We look forward to having you on the (socially-distanced) team!


Q. I want to sign up, but what would my responsibilities be?

  1. If you “adopt” a family, you will be responsible for putting together their Festividad bag, contacting them to arrange a time to deliver, and delivering the bag.

Q. How much is this gonna cost?

  1. Not much. If you are able to buy gifts for the kids of your adopted family, great! But if not (or if they have a LOT of kids), FCC can help cover those costs (just let Mike or Becky know). Everything else (tote bags, gift card, bibles) will be provided by the church.

Q. Can I sign up as part of a group that’s not my family?

  1. Of course! If several friends, or a life group, want to adopt any families together, you totally can. Just pick one person from that group to sign up and they will be your group’s contact person.

Q. I signed up, now what?

  1. Once everyone has signed up, we will be sending you the information for your adopted family (name, address, contact info, age/gender of kids, etc). FCC will have tote bags, gift cards, bibles, and stuff that you can pick up. You then add a gift for each kid to the bag. If you want to add anything else extra, like a Christmas card, you totally can (I personally think a wrapped roll of toilet paper would be an excellent gift for 2020). Finally, you will contact the family to confirm a time and deliver the gift bag. Boom. Done.