The purpose of our LifeGroups is to foster significant Christ-centered relationships. This page is specifically designed for our LifeGroup shepherds who are currently doing that work.


Weekly Discussion Guides

  May 2021
Week 1 (.doc  or .pdf) Week 2 (.doc or .pdf)
Week 3 (.doc or .pdf) Week 4 (.doc or .pdf) 
Week 5 (.doc or .pdf)  


(Please note we are currently on summer break!) 

New LifeGroup Shepherd Training

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Quarterly Audio Training 

Facilitating Discussion and Childcare Nuances (Jan. '19) here

Local Outreach Partnership and Prayer Time within LifeGroup Meetings (Sept. '18) here 

Click here to listen to our most recent LifeGroup Leader training.       

**Note, you can either stream or download the .mp3's from Google Drive.

May's Podcasts: here for the practical equipping, and here for the theological equipping.

June's Podcasts: here for theological equipping

2020/21 LifeGroup Calendar

We have three cycles in which our LifeGroups meet. Our breaks are designed so that those in the LifeGroup can slow down for a few weeks and to also provide natural on-ramps and off-ramps for those who need to transition. They aren't hard-and-fast rules, but are the general schedule that we all seek to follow. 

 Spring 1/11 - 3/21
 Summer 4/11 - 6/26
 Fall 9/5 - 12/5


LifeGroup Shepherd Resources 

LifeGroup Shepherd Training Manual

LifeGroup Shepherd Training (4/19/20) and Training Video (4/19/20)