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Our Local Outreach Team helps the members of our congregation develop and implement self-led ministries that glorify Jesus and serve our community with His Gospel. Along with numerous, small-scale ministries that happen both on and off campus, the team also hosts a number of large-scale, local ministry events at our church. These big events, such as Festividad and Matthew Parties, help serve the local community as well as introduce the community to our congregation and church location.

Long-term goals:

1. To empower Christians who have local outreach ideas and creatively help them transform those ideas into active, self-led ministries that preach the gospel and lead others towards a relationship with Jesus. 

2. To connect the local community of Santa Clarita with FCC’s body of believers, with a view to guide people into fellowship at FCC.

3. To develop and maintain the support and financial structure necessary to see local outreach ministries reach their full potential.

4. To promote and nurture an attitude of community discipleship and service among all of FCC’s believers, starting within the Local Outreach Team itself.