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I was raised in a home with strong believing parents who love the Lord and in a church that held fast to teach God’s word and love the body. I was born and raised into Faith Community Church and I always had good role models in my life who set good examples. I did what they did but when I was in my earlier years of school I never thought hard about whether I was saved or not because I assumed that I was because I knew the right things. I tried my best to look like I was a Christian because I figured that is how you know that you are a Christian.

I cannot give the exact date of my conversion because I was one of many children who pray the prayer every night to make sure that they had their “get out of jail free card”. I think that somehow, even growing up in the church, I missed the Gospel and what the Gospel of God’s love and grace meant. I can look back at a time where I first started to understand just how undeserving I was of God’s grace when I was at Vacation Bible School in 5th grade. I had a table leader who really made me think about the Gospel as it applied to me and not just as a general “good news” for others. This is the first time that I thought of myself as actually being a sinful person who needs grace. I somewhat subconsciously always thought that I was mostly good, because after all, I was born in a Christian home and looked like a model Christian kid, but I was unrepentant and ignorant to how sinful I truly was. After getting into the Junior High youth group I started to see that some of my peers actually were making their faith their own: caring about one another, desiring growth and maturity, and being men and women who love God. This spurred me to see the same kind of growth in my own life, so my time in youth group was paramount to my growth, and I have been striving to see that kind of environment continue to be maintained in our youth group.

My parents Steve and Stefanie are both members of FCC and are strong believers. My dad works at 3D Systems as an applications engineer. I am the 2nd oldest of 7 children, and my mom has homeschooled all of us as the hardest working stay at home mom ever! My older sister Christine is starting a family with her husband Zach Harris who is currently enrolled at the Master’s Seminary. My younger siblings Luke, Jaden, Olivia, and Bella attend high school at the Gorman Learning Center.  My youngest sister is Elliana.

I am currently the Assistant Youth Director at FCC and am a Bible Exposition student in the undergraduate program at the Master’s University.  I plan to continue my education at the Master’s Seminary.

In my free time, I enjoy surfing, skating, hiking, and music.  My favorite verses/passages are 2 Corinthians 5:17, 2 Corinthians 11:9, and Isaiah 52:13 through 53:12.

My vision for Faith Community Church is to see the members of our youth group grow in their love for, and understanding of, God and how He has revealed Himself through scripture. I also desire to see our youth learn what it looks like to be active members of the body of Christ and apply a heart of service and sacrificial love to serve God’s people. My heart longs to see youth who are equipped, both mentally and spiritually, to share the Gospel in their circles with confidence and to do so together.